About Us

LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky Brand Apparel

Fun + Functional Handcrafted Apparel, as seen in
"Cowboys & Indians Magazine"

LHTX by Leigh K Hajovsky Brand Apparel has a carefree, handcrafted appeal that is easy to wear & resonates with today’s busy, multi-tasking moms, movers, shakers & mischief makers. Add in the GO TEXAN certified pride & attitude and you’ve got fabulous apparel designed in a variety of styles from the most laid back, casual festival gear to "mid-to-better" tunics and separates worthy of more than just date night.

Who we are:
What we stand for is simple. Our products are designed by Leigh along with a small handful of Texan designers. Our images are developed in-house. The screens are made in-house. The silk screening is done in-house. The embellishment is done in-house. Our "house" is our boutique and production facility located at 1008 Milam St. in Columbus, TX. Call or come by. Watch us in action. How many other clothing companies invite you to their "house?"

We back our products 100% and believe in the handcrafted, Go Texan, American made philosophy.

Who Leigh is:

As a farmer’s daughter, I’m so grateful that I possess the entrepreneurial spirit that comes from that lifestyle. I like to think that-that lifestyle, combined with a naturally wild creative spirit and a bit of artistic talent I inherited from my mother along with the encouragement I received from a few teachers, friends and family members to pursue a business based on these values is a large part of who I am and why I do what I do! Being a business owner is easier when you have some God-given talent and being an artist is worth more to me now that I can market it. All of those gifts are enhanced when you are thankful, feel truly blessed and are able to encourage others. *More on that last bit coming soon!

It is a lifestyle. WORK HARD. BE BOLD. STAY TRUE. - Leigh