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Take your broken heart...

February 03, 2018 1 Comment

Take your broken heart...

I knew I wanted to dig up this post I made months ago and repost it tonight. Today has been a rough one... 


"Always. Since day one. Since I began to draw and paint as a child until now... and beyond. I don't mean to sound pained or dramatic, just honest. Inspiration comes in all shapes, forms, positives and negatives. The best way to mend a broken heart is build something beautiful and if possible - inspiring - out of the wreckage (that is completely relative of course). .

This idea is what my life, my experiences, all of my art, my brand and my network is founded on. From the flames and then the ashes rises something stronger, bolder, bigger and most gratifying... something honest. Something honest which represents my unique experiences but also hopefully captures what hundreds (and some designs) even thousands of women are thinking and feeling ((represented in my designs for LHTX Brand)).

You aren't ever alone, just know that. Take that awful memory, "flip it and reverse it" into something (anything) beautiful and badass. If possible, pay it forward by sharing it. It's painful but oh-so rewarding. I never ever in my wildest dreams would have known I was capable of change and more had I not just finally put my ideas "out there," received feedback and started to connect with a sisterhood of kindred spirits. (( Say what you will, corny or not, but I'm completely serious. Ask any of our gals or as we sometimes say #goodvibetribe )) #takeyourbrokenheartandmakeitintoart @traceytheindian .
@lhtxbyleighkhajovsky "

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February 04, 2018

Love this and y’all! Life isn’t always beautiful but it’s a beautiful ride all in all. Y’all do a great job and love your designs! You’re an inspiration to all of us ladies!

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